Farewell, Dr. Doran

Dr. Doran

Farewell, Dr. Doran

The physicians and employees, present and past, of Tulsa Dermatology Clinic, Inc. wish to memorialize the passing of one of our founders, C. Kendrick Doran, M.D. on August 18, 2017. Dr. Doran along with Dr. Dwane Minor and Dr. Vincent Barranco established Tulsa Dermatology Clinic, Inc. in 1968, at that time a bold step forward in patient care and the largest dermatology group in the state of Oklahoma. Dr. Doran was a people person with what some might call a crusty shell, but his honest and straight forward management style gave guidance and direction to his employees and associates. His patients appreciated his timeliness, seldom waiting past their appointment time, as well as his honest style of diagnosis and treatment. His approach to medicine and to business management helped Tulsa Dermatology on the path that today places it among the top dermatology clinics in the Southwest. He was our friend, director and counsellor and will be missed by all.

At Tulsa Dermatology Clinic, you will always be evaluated and treated by a board-certified dermatologist. We do not employ physician assistants or nurse practitioners. Our physicians are trained to treat any disorder of the skin, nails and hair. We have experience treating many conditions such as pigment abnormalities, congenital skin conditions and skin infections that are not listed here.

Please contact us at (918) 749-2261 to let us know how we might assist you with your unique skin health needs.


What a great group! I felt very comfortable during my visit. The office was very clean and spacious. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Monks was very generous with his time. I highly recommend this great team of people.

Sean Ford

Friendly staff... reasonably short wait. I was in and out after having a precancerous blemish frozen off... glad I went. Doctor and nurse were professional personable and informative.

Jonathan Colburn