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Patient Testimonials

"My husband and I both are patients. She as well as her staff are friendly, and thorough. Her treatments of us were superb. We would recommend her very highly who needs this type of professional care. She has been our doctor for several years."

-Via Healthgrades

"I have nothing but high praise for Dr. Kendrick. I was having a health issue indirectly related to what she was treating me for, and she took the time to call me. Truly compassionate woman."

-Tina B. via Healthgrades

"I have been a patient of [Dr. Kendrick] for some time now. I have gone through two skin cancers with her. She is very kind and understanding. I highly recommend her as a dermatologist. Being told you have cancer is not an easy thing to take. Thank you Dr. Kendrick... She also has a great assistant that is very nice."

-Via Healthgrades

"After 3 visits, I am very please with staff and Dr Kendrick. Very professional and thorough. State of the art equipment and she comfortably explains her diagnosis and treatments."

-Bobby S. via Healthgrades

Christina G. Kendrick, M.D.