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Patient Testimonials

"A friend recommended Dr. Lovelace to me and I am so thankful! Dr. Lovelace is wonderful. She is friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. My daughter (14) has seen her now too and absolutely loves her as well!"

-KJA via Healthgrades

"Cured the very resistant warts on my son's hands. He had at least a dozen and had them for a few years. It took about 4-5 appointments over the span of a year, but she was great, persistent and tried several methods, and finally they went away. Also, she has treated me for a couple skin problems and I also had a great experience. She is very knowledgeable and cares about her patients."

-Via Healthgrades

"I had an issue with a rash and I explained my problem to her scheduling assistant. Upon hearing about my rash, she said she would talk to the doctor's nurse and see if they could work me in right away instead of waiting 2 weeks for the first available appointment. They worked me in and it was a good thing. Dr. Lovelace provided excellent care and follow up for what could have had a bad outcome if left untreated."

-Via Healthgrades

"Awesome. Very down to earth and professional. Highly recommended."

-Dustin S. via Healthgrades

"We love Dr. Kelli Lovelace! She cured my son of his many extremely resistant warts on his hands and has successfully treated me for several skin conditions. She knows her stuff! Staff is also friendly. Only problem I had was with billing/insurance once, but it was resolved."

-Kim W. via Yelp

Kelli A. Lovelace, M.D.